June always does seem to fly by at the Ranch. Everything has to happen, everyone is busy and before we know it, we're already well into July. It's been a beautiful start to summer at the ranch and with today's rain, July is looking mighty fine to. 


The 2017 replacement heifers enjoying a second year rye/triticale/clover blend we are experimenting with.


We branded in June. The weather was tricky that week, but we managed to sneak it in over two days between the rain. Afterwards I'm always overwhelmed with gratitude for so many things. Happy cows, healthy calves, green grass, rain, a great horse, the best dog, this little slice of paradise that I call home. But most of all, I am grateful for the incredible people in my life. Those who could make it to our branding and those who couldn't. I am so lucky to be part of an amazing community who live both near and far. 

The other big news in June... our favourite Swede officially became a CANADIAN! We celebrated with rice crispy squares and a Happy First Birthday singalong at branding. 

Trotting along, right into July.